Saturday, May 06, 2006

NGO wants govt team to check trafficking

NGO wants govt team to check trafficking
The Telegraph Kolkatta

Ranchi, April 5: A Delhi-based NGO recommended that the government form a committee to check trafficking of tribal girls and women from the state.

Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children (ATSEC) concluded a two-day workshop on media, inter-religious forum and government sensitisation today.

A Jharkhand declaration with the theme Bandhan Todo, Sambandh Jodo (break bonds and make relations) was formed to pressurise the state government to form the co-ordination committee.

Sanjay Mishra, state coordinator of ATSEC, said it was important to keep a record on migration from the state and encouraged the media and religious leaders to take part.

Participants suggested that NGOs find a way to gather information about girls in bus stands and railway stations they thought may be trafficked.

“There are chances that the middlemen may create a scene in public and the girls will deny that they are being trafficked,” said a NGO representative at the seminar.

The government said it was working on rehabilitation arrangements for rescued girls.

Suman Kumar, assistant director welfare department, said the state government was planning to form Swadhar homes in Ranchi, Palamau and Bokaro where rescued girls would be given counselling and medical treatment.

NGOs said they were not satisfied as Swadhar Yojna is a Union government proposal and has been pending for five years.

“The Jharkhand government has shown no interest in Swadhar Yojna,” said Rishi Kant founder member of Shakti Vahini a Delhi-based NGO.

“Rescued girls are kept at a remand home in Hatia where they are not allowed to meet anyone, not even the people who rescued them,” said Kant.


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