Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Great Beginning

Dear Friends,

A big hello to all of you. It's been a fortnight since we met and the response from all of you has been overwhelming. The incredible space that you have managed to get and the variety in the topics have been fantastic. I feel very humbled by all the work that all of you have done. Makes it so much more worth the while. Rishi and Ravi have put as many as they could access on the blogspot. So do log in and check it out. It would, in fact, be a great if all of you could send us a link to your stories so we can post them on the website easily. We will also be putting in all the developments that have taken place soon.

This is a great beginning and let's keep it that way!

All the best to you and a big, big thank you for being so supportive.

Warm regards,


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